Forever & Beyond

Childhood crushes normally die down with growing maturity. If not, then it turns out to be an obsession and a passion to achieve at any cost. Sometimes, these emotions are so strong that it denies to depart from the departing souls.

Snehashish discovers the lost one-sided love of Anisha for him, but soon he also unearths that Anisha is no more in his life. Now when he tries to probe more and more about Anisha, he finds himself set on a journey to find true love, but he is tangled in a complex of human emotions like fear, belongingness, and all sorts of nostalgic moments associated with places, person, and time. He discovers himself in true love with Aakanksha, but the love of Anisha for him never subsided. The intensity and passion for love grows stronger and more complicated with passing time between Anisha, Snehashish, and Aakanksha.

So will Aakanksha be able to materialize her true love for Snehashish, or will she give up before the determination of Anisha to make Snehashish her own?

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