Don’t wake me up, Please

Nancy, a highly talented and studious school girl discovers her first crush and true love in her opponent Nishkarsh, who entered her life from a different school. This sweet and tender love story blossoms into a strong bond of passionate relationship as they move on to the same college on a serene hill station as classmates again.

But life is not always a trail of roses. World around them starts falling apart when a mysterious prince from the house of royals starts visiting Nancy in her dreams. Prince Aaryansh tempts Nancy to set her foot on a lecherous journey that may not allow her to return back to Nishkarsh again. Sometimes she is scared to sleep only not to get trapped in her dreams while at other times she wants to continue her phantasm to satiate her lewd desires.

Will Nancy be able to break the enchanted fortress of dreams and get back to Nishkarsh ever or remain trapped in her dreams with Prince Aaryansh forever?

A journey of a girl through Love and Lust as she losses and re-discovers herself while trying to unfold the characters around her.

Copyright © 2016. Saumendra. All rights reserved.